A semester in India

I just spent a semester in the north-east of India in Guwahati (Assam). I was in the IITG: Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati. I was there from january to june 2008.


This travel was an exchange with my school in France, TELECOM Bretagne. It is considered as a normal semester during which I studied computer science (Software engineering) and signal processing (Signal processing in smart antennas). We were 3 students of TELECOM Bretagne in this exchange. We were too part of [cref 47 a project about the implementation of IPv6 in sensor networks, but I will tell more about it in a later post].

Travel, holidays, discovery

Tgus semester was an occasion to discover India and Indians. We travelled a lot during our free time. We went to Darjeeling, in the Rajasthan and on Andaman islands. You will find more information and pictures of our adventures on the blogs of the 2 students who were with me: Alexandre and Antoine (in French).