Christmas star lights

This article is a translation of the one I wrote on the Téléfab website. This project was built in the Téléfab. Christmas is coming! It is the perfect time to build yourself christmas star lights as an ornament for your christmas tree. To differentiate this ornament from the ones you can buy, I decided to […]

A decorative LED frame

This article describes how I built a decorative LED frame using a cheap photo frame, an RGB LED strip and an Arduino.

Hardware accelerated network monitoring: NetFPGA

During my third year at Télécom Bretagne, I worked on a project with two colleagues to develop an hardware accelerated network monitoring tool using a NetFPGA. This low-level project was very interesting and made me discover how to develop directly in hardware using a language called Verilog. To let you discover this project, I pasted […]

Merge/split PDF files directly in Dolphin (KDE)

Context I have just switched to KDE after using Gnome during many years, and I am quietly getting used to it. But recently I had to merge 2 PDF files, so I searched for a good solution for KDE. There are many command-line tools to do this on Linux, but the few graphical interfaces are […]

Django better than a CMS?

I recently had to rewrite a website I’m maintaining for a very small business: Le fil à soi. They are 3 teacher who offer courses of chinese massage, qi gong and Gestalt therapy in Bordeaux, France. The requirements for the website are quite simple: presentation of the place, the people, and contact information pages for […]

Jolicloud internship: first steps of a start-up

I just finished my internship at Jolicloud as part of my studies in TELECOM Bretagne. It lasted almost one year. Jolicloud is a new start-up created by Tariq Krim (who created Netvibes) that builds an operating system adapted to netbooks and focused on the web technologies and services. I lived from the inside the launching […]

The Internet in 2015: privacy in the cloud?

Saturday, September 26th 2015, The Internet has evolved a lot in the last 5 years. In 2009, using online services meant trusting third-party services to keep your data safe. For example Facebook knew everything about your activities and your friends, Google Docs had all the documents you collaborated to, Gmail had all your emails… All […]