My name is Tristan Groléat and I am presently the only author of this blog. I am a french PhD student in TELECOM Bretagne, a french “grande école” specialized in telecommunications. I work in electronics and networks.

I am interested in telecommunications and computer science, and particularly in developping web applications (web sites, AJAX applications…).

Purpose of this blog

On this blog, I host and present my development projects and the discussions to make the maintained projects evolve.

I sometimes present what I think of the computer science news (new interesting software, new development techniques…), and useful tricks (how to install and configure some software with ubuntu…).

Finally I post too about subjects that have nothing to do with computer science, but that I think are interesting.

This blog is originally written in French, and then translated into English. There are probably many mistakes in my translations, and some french posts are more detailled than the english ones. But I will keep trying to make this blog accessible to non-French speakers.

What I am doing

Here is a list of some things I have done or I intend to do: