Téléfab: a FabLab in Télécom Bretagne!

I haven’t written on this blog for a very long time. Here is just a small article about a project I’m participating to: the Téléfab.

A FabLab

The Téléfab is a FabLab, an open lab, where everyone can come (although Téléfab will first be open only to students in Télécom Bretagne). Many tools are available to build almost anything:

  • a 3D printer to transform an idea on a computer into a real plastic prototype
  • Arduino boards to make your prototype smart (Arduino is a small processor with plenty of inputs/outputs and very easy to program)
  • plenty of other tools to come…

FabLabs provide more than tools: they also enable people to meet and share their knowledge about how to use the machines, design on computers, build electronic circuits…

At Télécom Bretagne

At Télécom Bretagne, workshops will be organized regularly so that students can discover the machines and learn how to transform their ideas in working prototypes. The Téléfab will be useful for both personal projects and school projects.