Web Page Plus

Sorry, this project is discontinued because of a lack of time. If you want to start maintaining it, contact me.

With this UWA widget, display any widget you are interested in on your preferred platform, and show only the part that really matters to you.

First type the URL of the page you want. The page displays in the widget with slide bars. Go to the location in the page you want to see and the widget will remember this position and go back to it the next time.

Then you may remove the slide bars if you want to (by editing the options of the widget).

Warning, some web pages use Javascript code to prevent pages to embed them. This widget sadly can’t display these pages that will probably replace the page that contained the widget.

To use this widget on the different supported plateforms (Netvibes, IGoogle, Vista sidebar, Apple dashboard, Opera), go to its Netvibes ecosystem page.