Let’s replace Facebook by blogs!

Many people who have blogs say that it’s their main social network. They interact with the commentators. They discover their blogs and enlarge their network of interesting blogs. The interesting fact about blogs is that they aren’t centralized. So the blogger controls the information it publishes. Whereas in Facebook, only Facebook controls the information you […]

Multilingual WordPress blog

This blog uses the WordPress blog platform. All articles are available in French and English, and the interface of the blog is fully translated. To do this, I use the qtranslate plugin. It enables to write easily articles, tags and categories in multiple languages. Default WordPress widgets are also supported. Use The plugin modifies the […]

Tiny6 – IPv6 in sensor networks

During the semester I spent in India from January to June 2008, I participated to the Tiny6 project between TELECOM Bretagne in France, the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) and an university in China. Goal of the project Sensor networks arenetworks of small nodes that communicate through a wireless link. They often use their […]

A semester in India

I just spent a semester in the north-east of India in Guwahati (Assam). I was in the IITG: Indian Institute of Technology in Guwahati. I was there from january to june 2008. Studies This travel was an exchange with my school in France, TELECOM Bretagne. It is considered as a normal semester during which I […]

My UWA widgets

I am yet migrating to this blog all the projects I maintain. As part of this process, I just migrated all the UWA widgets I created. UWA widgets are tiny web applications that can run on platforms like Netvibes, IGoogle, Live.com, Opera, the Vista sidebar or the Apple dashboard. I describe all these widgets in […]

TvOnResEl: watch TV on your computer easily!

As I arrived at TELECOM Bretagne, I discovered the ResEl : the students’ network. I discovered too that they were broadcasting all free TV channels on the network. The problem : the recommended software to watch these channel was VLC, a very powerful media player, but very complicated to use and not really adapted to […]

Summer internship as Netvibes developper

From july to august 2007, I have done an internship of two months by Netvibes in Paris. This internship was a summer internship for TELECOM Bretagne. During this internship, I made development in AJAX, particularly for the Universal Widget API platform. I developed new widgets and converted old internal Netvibes widgets to UWA. I developed […]

Develop a website for students to choose projects

From january to june 2007, for my second semester project at TELECOM Bretagne “Development project”, I was asked, with 3 other students, to develop an online projects management system for the computer science department of the university Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO). Goals This website had to allow the persons invited by the projects session […]

A short adventure: Netvibes modules directory

Do you know Netvibes ? This is (in my opinion) the best customizable start page (competitor of iGoogle). It allows you to put on the same page all the information you are interested in on the web. For this, it uses a modular structure: each user can add the modules it is interested in. The […]

Just for fun: my first website

While searching in my websites archives for [cref 11 my last article], I have discovered a very old website. This one is really the first website I have ever created. As It made me laugh, I decided to put this website back online. You can see it here. There are 4 pages created with WebExpert […]