A decorative LED frame

This article describes how I built a decorative LED frame using a cheap photo frame, an RGB LED strip and an Arduino.

Django better than a CMS?

I recently had to rewrite a website I’m maintaining for a very small business: Le fil à soi. They are 3 teacher who offer courses of chinese massage, qi gong and Gestalt therapy in Bordeaux, France. The requirements for the website are quite simple: presentation of the place, the people, and contact information pages for […]

Develop a website for students to choose projects

From january to june 2007, for my second semester project at TELECOM Bretagne “Development project”, I was asked, with 3 other students, to develop an online projects management system for the computer science department of the university Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO). Goals This website had to allow the persons invited by the projects session […]

A short adventure: Netvibes modules directory

Do you know Netvibes ? This is (in my opinion) the best customizable start page (competitor of iGoogle). It allows you to put on the same page all the information you are interested in on the web. For this, it uses a modular structure: each user can add the modules it is interested in. The […]

Create the website of a very small business: Le fil à soi

This website is one of the first websites I have created. History The firstversion looked very bad: there were animated GIFs and frames that gave the website a very unprofessional look. Sadly I haven’t any screenshot of this version. The second version was a bit better: I had discovered PHP, that allowed me to replace […]